Midatlantic provides a fully managed backup and disaster recovery platform for our clients, complete with robust data protection, secure and reliable cloud storage, and a range of local and hybrid backup options.

Midatlantic offers the most robust, scalable, and cost-effective way for small to medium-size businesses to ensure against costly downtime.


  • Physical On-site Unit
  • 1TB-60TB
  • Instant Off-Site Virtualization of Servers
  • Hybrid Virtualization
  • Local and Off-Site File Level Restore
  • VMDK/VHD Export
  • Screenshot Backup Verification™
  • Bare Metal Restore
  • Message Level Exchange Recovery
  • Granular SharePoint Recovery
  • End to End Encryption
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage Capabilities
  • Backup Insights
  • Unlimited Agent Licensing
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support


We are providing good & on time services to our valued customers.

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